So I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty good.  I was still on a pretty big high after opening night of the current play I am involved in: Old Ringers at The Paper Wing Theatre Company.   I got up and scoured the kitchen for something to eat.  In the fridge I found the bag of Uncle Bens Ready Rice I had opened and had a couple of bites of at the theatre the night before.  I hadn’t remembered putting it in the fridge when I got home but there it was, so I pulled it out, poured it into a bowl, smothered it with shredded cheese and butter spray and nuked it until it was melty cheesy goodness.

After eating, I played around on the computer for a while and talked with the husband and dogs until I felt sleepy enough for a nap.  I think it was around one in the afternoon.  I crawled into bed in a really good mood, looking forward to at least four hours of sleep and then another great show of the play that night.

After dozing for a few minutes I felt some stomach cramping that led me into the bathroom about four times.  Honestly not so unusual when I have frozen pizza the night before, which I did.  Finally as I settled into bed again I felt a cramp sort of settle in my lower left side.  It would travel up to my mid left side and then back again, sometimes be in both places at once.

I managed to find a comfortable position in my bed where it wasn’t hurting and that is when the nausea hit.

I’ll spare you the gory details but lets just say that I couldn’t stop throwing up from there on in.

I had no headache and no fever.  What I did have was cold sweats and chills and of course the vomiting.

The call for the show that night was seven and we were to go up at eight.  Finally around three I think I texted one of the theater owners and let him know what was going on.  There unfortunately was no understudy and in all the time I’ve been doing theater there have never seen one needed, so I asked if I could request a puke bucket for backstage (Ah the glamour of acting) and basically just let him know I was not going to be in fighting shape that evening.

After many failed attempts at sleeping and much more vomiting I pulled myself into the shower in a very slow and painful process and then threw on a tee shirt and sweats.  Rob offered to drive me to the theater but in my head if I could make the drive there I could somehow convince myself that I could pull off the performance.  I grabbed my trusty silver puke bowl for the car and headed out.

Made it to the theater only a minute or two late and was greeted in the lobby by the other theater owner and my very good friend Koly.  I hadn’t texted her earlier simply because she had been performing in another show at the time and I didn’t want her to have to worry while she was doing so.

She led me over to the couch and put a blanket around my shoulders, she kind of shooed everyone out and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, but it was apparent I was in no shape to get on that stage.  They knew that they had almost a full house that night and so cancelling the show wasn’t an option.  It was decided that Koly would take my place in show even though she only had minimal familiarity with the role.  With 45 minutes left until curtain she grabbed a script and set about rehearsing the scenes.

I headed back home with only one stop on the side of the road to puke and got home safe.  Rob met me at the car, grabbed all my stuff from me and led me straight to the bed room to lie down.

There was more vomiting until I think I passed out from sheer exhaustion and got about an hour of sleep.  I woke up and was still nauseous, threw up a couple more times and then finally fell into a deep sleep.

Around two in the morning I head our dog Pappy trying to get into the bedroom.  I woke up slowly and carefully evaluating how I felt.  The nausea and pain appeared to be gone.  I got up and peed for the first time in about 12 hours and let the dog in before falling back into another deep sleep.  I woke up again around four and tried a couple sips of ginger ale.  Checked facebook on my phone and found that the show had gone off with great success.  Koly had done it!  She had saved the show.  :-)  Safe with that news and the fact that the ginger ale had stayed down I went back to sleep and slept until about eight thirty this morning.

I am now up and about, I have managed to keep ginger ale, water and three saltines down with no ill effects so far.  I feel fantastic.  You know when you have just felt so crappy for so long and you think you are never going to get better, but then you do?  You know that feeling of sort of euphoria when you feel good again?  That is where I am at right now.

I want to give thanks for my hubby for looking after me, even though there wasn’t anything he could do.  Just knowing he was there helped a lot.

The biggest Kudos goes out to Koly McBride for doing what had to be done without a second thought and stepping into a role that she wasn’t familiar with to give a kick ass performance and save the night.  I aspire to be as good of an actress someday.  :-)

I also want to give thanks for my hubby for looking after me, even though there wasn’t anything he could do.  Just knowing he was there helped a lot.

And much love for my theater family that rallied around trying to get me better for the show.  I felt a lot of love yesterday, even if I couldn’t appreciate it that much due to my condition.


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