So I woke up yesterday morning feeling pretty good.  I was still on a pretty big high after opening night of the current play I am involved in: Old Ringers at The Paper Wing Theatre Company.   I got up and scoured the kitchen for something to eat.  In the fridge I found the bag of Uncle Bens Ready Rice I had opened and had a couple of bites of at the theatre the night before.  I hadn’t remembered putting it in the fridge when I got home but there it was, so I pulled it out, poured it into a bowl, smothered it with shredded cheese and butter spray and nuked it until it was melty cheesy goodness.

After eating, I played around on the computer for a while and talked with the husband and dogs until I felt sleepy enough for a nap.  I think it was around one in the afternoon.  I crawled into bed in a really good mood, looking forward to at least four hours of sleep and then another great show of the play that night.

After dozing for a few minutes I felt some stomach cramping that led me into the bathroom about four times.  Honestly not so unusual when I have frozen pizza the night before, which I did.  Finally as I settled into bed again I felt a cramp sort of settle in my lower left side.  It would travel up to my mid left side and then back again, sometimes be in both places at once.

I managed to find a comfortable position in my bed where it wasn’t hurting and that is when the nausea hit.

I’ll spare you the gory details but lets just say that I couldn’t stop throwing up from there on in.

I had no headache and no fever.  What I did have was cold sweats and chills and of course the vomiting.

The call for the show that night was seven and we were to go up at eight.  Finally around three I think I texted one of the theater owners and let him know what was going on.  There unfortunately was no understudy and in all the time I’ve been doing theater there have never seen one needed, so I asked if I could request a puke bucket for backstage (Ah the glamour of acting) and basically just let him know I was not going to be in fighting shape that evening.

After many failed attempts at sleeping and much more vomiting I pulled myself into the shower in a very slow and painful process and then threw on a tee shirt and sweats.  Rob offered to drive me to the theater but in my head if I could make the drive there I could somehow convince myself that I could pull off the performance.  I grabbed my trusty silver puke bowl for the car and headed out.

Made it to the theater only a minute or two late and was greeted in the lobby by the other theater owner and my very good friend Koly.  I hadn’t texted her earlier simply because she had been performing in another show at the time and I didn’t want her to have to worry while she was doing so.

She led me over to the couch and put a blanket around my shoulders, she kind of shooed everyone out and tried to make me as comfortable as possible, but it was apparent I was in no shape to get on that stage.  They knew that they had almost a full house that night and so cancelling the show wasn’t an option.  It was decided that Koly would take my place in show even though she only had minimal familiarity with the role.  With 45 minutes left until curtain she grabbed a script and set about rehearsing the scenes.

I headed back home with only one stop on the side of the road to puke and got home safe.  Rob met me at the car, grabbed all my stuff from me and led me straight to the bed room to lie down.

There was more vomiting until I think I passed out from sheer exhaustion and got about an hour of sleep.  I woke up and was still nauseous, threw up a couple more times and then finally fell into a deep sleep.

Around two in the morning I head our dog Pappy trying to get into the bedroom.  I woke up slowly and carefully evaluating how I felt.  The nausea and pain appeared to be gone.  I got up and peed for the first time in about 12 hours and let the dog in before falling back into another deep sleep.  I woke up again around four and tried a couple sips of ginger ale.  Checked facebook on my phone and found that the show had gone off with great success.  Koly had done it!  She had saved the show.  :-)  Safe with that news and the fact that the ginger ale had stayed down I went back to sleep and slept until about eight thirty this morning.

I am now up and about, I have managed to keep ginger ale, water and three saltines down with no ill effects so far.  I feel fantastic.  You know when you have just felt so crappy for so long and you think you are never going to get better, but then you do?  You know that feeling of sort of euphoria when you feel good again?  That is where I am at right now.

I want to give thanks for my hubby for looking after me, even though there wasn’t anything he could do.  Just knowing he was there helped a lot.

The biggest Kudos goes out to Koly McBride for doing what had to be done without a second thought and stepping into a role that she wasn’t familiar with to give a kick ass performance and save the night.  I aspire to be as good of an actress someday.  :-)

I also want to give thanks for my hubby for looking after me, even though there wasn’t anything he could do.  Just knowing he was there helped a lot.

And much love for my theater family that rallied around trying to get me better for the show.  I felt a lot of love yesterday, even if I couldn’t appreciate it that much due to my condition.


I have a tendency to start new hobbies, get obsessed with them, buy up any and all possible materials to work on said hobbies and then lose interest in them after getting busy with work or life. All of the supplies then get moved into the upper house for storage and I await my next hobby/obsession.

I admit that I have probably wasted a ton of money over the years by doing this but I just can’t seem to help it.

Things I have tried and never stuck to:

Jewelry making, Rubber Stamping, Embossing, Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Selling Avon, Collecting Dolls, Toll Painting, Knitting, and those are all just off the top of my head. I am sure there are tons I am forgetting from years gone by. (To be fair, selling Avon lasted two years but I got PAID for that. Not a lot, but enough.)

I long to be creatively talented but alas, I just can’t seem to stick to anything. I have always and will always write. I don’t see that as a hobby, more like something that is just in my blood. I can’t not do it. But I see all those fun and imaginative things people put up on Pinterest and it makes me want to be artistic like that! I really want to be…I’m just not.

Having that knowledge however has never seemed to stop me from trying. And buying. Beverly’s and Michael’s craft stores shiver with delight when they see me walk through the doors. All the sales people wish that they worked on commission when they see me walking the aisles, placing items into my already overflowing cart. I guess I figure that if I keep trying hard enough eventually something might stick. Never mind that I have been doing this since I was a teenager.

My latest endeavor is crochet. I love the idea of it! I love that you can make so many interesting and different things using just a needle and some yarn. I’m talking anything from a hair scrunchie (I actually made one of those!) to stuffed animals and everything in between. If I had all the time in the world, I would be one of those creepy old ladies that have crocheted EVERYTHING in their house. Crocheted dish towels, coasters, placemats, afghans, baby booties and I don’t even have a baby…you get the idea.

If I had the time, the time and the skill that is. Crocheting is HARD! I’m sure it gets easier, but dang! I am currently working on a beanie for my husband and my hands get ALL KINDS of cramped up.

I guess that is what it boils down to. I don’t like when something gets difficult. I know that pretty much makes me lazy but it is the truth. I want to make cute things and for that matter, be skinny and fit, but only if there is an easy way to do it. I want the body of a runner without having to actually run. I want to lose weight but I want to eat whatever I want. I want to be well educated without having to study. I think we all have a little bit of this personality trait; I just seem to have it in abundance.

Not to the point where I complain about the lack of these things that I want really. I will fully admit to you the reason I am not losing weight is because I choose bad foods to eat and I haven’t exercised in weeks. I’m not sticking my head in the sand and lamenting about how I can’t get all these things. I know perfectly well I could if I just put in the work and effort.

Maybe it’s time to stop working on getting a hobby to stick and start working on motivation to better myself. Something to think about.

I was originally going to title this as 5 things I couldn’t live without but then I started taking it way too literally and thinking that while I am quite fond of some of these things, I would in fact be able to live without them. It wouldn’t be easy, but I wouldn’t DIE without them. If I were to make that list it would be things like: Air, water, food…not that interesting of a list.


1) My husband

We will have been together for 13 years in August. Before I met him I can easily say that I was very much that girl that never wanted to get married. I was a child of a messy divorce and was raised from age 12 by my mother and her best friend that was also going through a divorce at the same time. Oh the horror stories my poor adolescent brain heard. I don’t blame my mom, she was going through a very hard time and didn’t know how else to react.

I had boyfriends as an adult but the longest relationship I had was 6 months in duration. I would just get bored easily. I loved the chase and then once I landed them it got old fast.

It took me exactly one weekend to figure out that Rob was the one for me and I was going to uproot my entire life on the east coast to move all the way across the country because I couldn’t live without him.

We have had our ups and downs as any relationship does but I am happy to report that there are usually more ups than downs. We compliment and adapt to each other’s personalities and make a pretty good fit I think. I have traveled without him and it’s not like I sit there and miss him the whole time, but it sure is nice to come home to him when the trip is done.

2) My Dogs

I am a dog person. Anyone who has met me for even a short amount of time will undoubtedly have already seen a picture of my dogs. They are in fact my children, and yes I am THAT girl that baby talks to her dogs, buys them outfits and refers to herself as their “mommy”. Not ashamed! I should also mention that no matter how spoiled they are, my dogs are well trained and are really good doggies. They want nothing more than to get up in my lap and shower my face with kisses. Where else can you get that sort of unconditional love? And if you said kids you are only half right. If you have ever told a child they couldn’t have or do something then you have probably dealt with the “pouting child” or the “angry child” that will backtalk and or ignore you when you try to hug them. Nope, not with dogs! I can scold my dog for misbehaving and two seconds later she is happy to be back up in my lap giving me love.

3) Music

“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.” — Ray Charles

That pretty much sums it up. Music is so incredibly universal. It can change your mood in a matter of seconds, but it good or bad. I confess that I cannot play an instrument. I have tried to learn several and I have failed miserably at them all. That doesn’t stop me however, from truly appreciating the magnificence of music in all its forms. I have my favorites of course, everyone does, but I don’t think I could ever really hate something that was musical. I’ve often said that if I had to choose between being deaf or being blind I would have to choose blind because I don’t think I could handle never hearing music again.

4) Writing


I’ve written short stories since I was a kid. I never really knew why I felt the need to other than I LOVED to read and if I couldn’t find the subject that I wanted to read about, I wrote it.

I have ALWAYS kept a diary. I remember as an adolescent having an ivory colored one that had one tiny page for each day of the week and a cheesy gold lock on the front that never kept my brother out of it. Not that I had much to write about at that age. It was more of a review of what I had done that day kind of thing. As I hit my teenage years I would spew pages and pages of angst into notebooks that I would hide in locking cedar chest that used to belong to my mother when she was a kid. I have since thrown them out because I’m embarrassed at the amount of self pity and lack of self confidence in those spiral bound pads of paper. I know that it is every teenager’s rite of passage to go through all of that hell, and it REALLY does feel like hell at that time, but looking back it was never as bad as I made it out to be. I would have never listened to someone that tried to tell me that at the time though…probably would have written about them with venom in my journal.

I go through long periods of time when I don’t write at all. If I were to sit down and research it, I would probably find that those periods usually coincide with my periods of depression. When I resume writing, I always feel lighter. Be it just a short story or a small blog entry. I feel a certain release with every line I write. It is a healing hobby for sure, so no matter how long I go without doing it, I could never give it up completely.

5) Laughter

I love to laugh. The second thing I noticed about my husband was the fact that he made me laugh. In case you are wondering, the first thing I noticed was his hair. I am a sucker for long hair on a guy and he has the most gorgeous strawberry blond curls.

I love the kind of laughter where you can’t catch your breath. My mother and I can get into such giggle fits that we literally start crying. Big sobbing tears because we can’t stop. It’s usually over the stupidest thing like her mispronouncing a word or snorting when she laughed. God I love that.

I also love to make people laugh. Growing up a painfully shy child I have to say I have come out of my shell by leaps and bounds. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor and it really brings me joy to make another person laugh. It’s usually at a snarky comment I make which can tend to lead people to believe I’m not always the nicest person. However, if you get to know me, you will find that my sarcasm is usually all in fun. Unless you piss me off. Then I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, but that is a whole other blog entry.

It is a corny old saying, but I do REALLY believe that laughter IS the best medicine.

I’m in the process of starting up a traveling blog since the only time I ever seem to update this thing is when I’m doing a trip report. I’m not sure if that means I am going to start shutting this one down or not. My goal is to actually start blogging again to get shit out of my head but I’m not sure if that is actually going to happen or not so in the meantime I will be moving my trip reports over to

So we are in the second week of rehearsals for Old Ringers and I think it is going pretty good. The only thing that kind of sucks for me is that rehearsals don’t start until 7:00 PM. I get out of work at 5:30 so that means I have to kill an hour and a half in town. Going home isn’t an option unless I just want to drive home, pet the dogs for five minutes and then head right back out. With gas prices what they are, as much as I love my dogs, that ain’t happening.

Tuesday I went shopping and that was some great retail therapy but my wallet can’t allow that to happen every day. Yesterday I got off work early because it was slow so I was able to go home and relax for a bit but that won’t happen too often anymore.

Today I have a pillow and a blanket in the back of the car and I plan on taking a well deserved nap in the back of the car. Although now that I think about, I think I forgot to take out the dog crate so it might be a tight fit, but I’ll make it work damn it!

I’m tired but I am not even near the tired I will reach when rehearsals really get going. Right now we are I only have to be there three nights a week. I get Mondays and Fridays off until we get into the meat of the rehearsals. And Tuesday’s I only have to be there until eight. My problem is that I went straight into rehearsals after being so sleep deprived from New York. Then last weekend I didn’t get a chance to crash since Rob and I went to see Reefer Madness Friday night and then I had auditions/rehearsals/helping out at the theater all day Saturday. Sunday I was a lump on the couch, but have you ever been so exhausted you couldn’t actually sleep? I think that is the point I had reached.

This weekend will be different. No plans Friday, rehearsal at 1:00 on Saturday so that means sleeping in as long as I can and then that’s it for the rest of the weekend. We will probably visit with Rob’s parents at some point because I know my MIL is wanting to hear about my trip but that should be pretty low key and at our leisure.

The slow weekend will be much needed. I felt myself starting to lose it this morning as I tend to do when I am really lacking on sleep. Nothing I put on from my closet looked right and I know that wasn’t the truth because I just bought like six new tops and two new pairs of jeans and I TRIED THEM ALL ON i the store and loved the way they looked. Then my hair looked like crap…let me tell you something about me and my hair. I COULD CARE LESS what my hair looks like when I am going to work. As long as it is clean it could be a big ball of frizzy split ends, it doesn’t matter. It just goes up in a bun or a ponytail. This morning, it was the end of the world that my side part wasn’t just so. Ridiculous!

I call it Melt Down Mode and it happens during every play I do. Granted it usually happens a lot closer to hell week(the final week of tech and rehearsals) so it worries me a little that it is happening so soon. I think once I get caught up on sleep from New York I will be fine though.
Here’s hoping!!

What a fun weekend!
First, I would like to happily report that my finger infection never got that bad.  The blood poisoning only made it up to my wrist and has already receded.
This is the first time that I have had this infection where it didn’t at least spread to my elbow.
The key was catching it super early this time, and not waiting to lance it.  I lanced it that very night when I got home and though there wasn’t much to drain out of it other than blood it gave me an opening to directly apply the peroxide and neosporin.
Sort of gives me hope that if I can always catch it that early maybe the days of urgent care and IV antibiotics are over.  :-)

Saturday was a very busy day for us but a good one.
Once a year, one of the vendors that Rob works with in San Francisco likes to invite us out for a nice lunch.  We usually split the distance and do it in the San Jose area.
This year we decided to meet up with another vendor that Rob used to work with that lives in the San Jose area and also visit his old roommate from college that lives in Newark.
Kind of a whirlwind trip and I wasn’t really looking forward to a whole day on the road but it ended up being a really fun trip.
We met Laurie(the vendor that Rob used to work with) in Campbell at a little Mexican place that she raved about.  I had met her once years ago when her son was playing in a band and we made the trek out to see them play.
We introduced her to the pups while waiting for the place to open at ten.
Given that we were having breakfast, lunch and dinner in relatively close time frames Rob and I had already previously discussed getting one dish and splitting it.
Laurie recommended the steak and eggs so we got that and it turned out fantastic.  Steak, over medium eggs, fried potatoes and beans with two warm fresh flour tortillas on the side.

Steak and Eggs!

It was the perfect amount of food when split between two people.  We ate and talked quite a bit.  I’m afraid Laurie and I dominated the conversation when the topic came to movies and I found out she was a Stephanie Plum fan.  Poor Rob got to experience what it sounds like when two rabid Janet Evanovich fans get together and discuss the series.
We ended up chatting so long we had to book it over to our next restaurant to meet Ming and Brian for lunch.
We met at a place called (name of place here).  It was in a strip mall but it was a pretty fancy Vietnamese place in Milpitas.


Neither Rob or I had ever had Vietnamese food so we left the ordering in the hands of Brian.  He started us off with what was called something like the 7 levels of Beef or something like that.  It was basically 7 courses of beef prepared and

cooked in various different ways.  The first course was a salad that I was sure I was going to hate but it turned out pretty tasty!

The second was rice paper, veggies, broth fondue and these little beef medallions that you cook in the fondue and then

Beef Rice Paper Roll Up thingies

assemble everything on the rice paper, wrap it up and eat it.  Also pretty good.


I forgot to take the pic before we tore this up.

Then there were these little beef long type things, three different kinds so that was three different courses that all arrived at once along with a sort of meatloaf cupcake. So that made a total of six beef courses so far.

In addition to the beef thing, Brian had also ordered some Vietnamese egg rolls, two Vietnamese Crepes and the catfish which I guess was their

My Favorite, the Crepe

specialty.  The egg rolls and crepes came out with the beef courses. While

the egg rolls were yummy the crepes were by far my favorite. A little bit of

Gigantic Catfish

meat and a lot of veggies inside this crispy shell.  Mmmmm!
The catfish came next and holy crap that thing was giant!  We all had multiple helpings and barely got into a third of it.
The final beef course capped off the meal with some nice beef

Beef Porridge

porridge.  It wasn’t my favorite but it was still good.
To say that we were full by the end of the lunch would be an understatement!
We all walked(slowly what with being weighed down with all that food) back to our car where the guys got to meet Pappy.  They had met Shilo the year before and just like the year before they came bearing dog treats for our spoiled little pups.  :-)
While we were at lunch Rudy had texted Rob suggesting we head over to his place after lunch and they can go to the Mexican store down the road and have some BBQ later that night.


Food was the last thing on my mind but I don’t think I had seen Rudy or Jade in at least a year and a half if not two years so I was eager to see them and their two boys and see how much they had grown.
We headed over there and unloaded the pups.  Their youngest son Dominic was immediately all over Pappy.  He had met him before both at our house and when we had brought them over to the house a couple of other occasions.  In fact we still have the two drawings that he did on our fridge.  One was of Pappy and the other was of our old dog Romie that has since passed.
This was the family’s first introduction to Shilo.  When we brought her in from the car she started going nuts, having no traction on the hardwood floor she was like Bambi on ice. She’d been in her crate for quite a while so she just wanted to run but we had her on the leash so it was like she was treading water on the floor.
Dominic took one look at her, then looked at me and said “Is she mean?”
I said no.
He nodded and said: “So she’s just crazy.”
I said “Yeah, pretty much.”  Hehe.  Kids!
We had an enjoyable afternoon/evening.

Pappy giving Logan kisses
Jade and Logan petting Pappy
Dominic and Pappy



Dominic playing some tunes

It turns out that Dominic had taken up guitar so he played us some tunes while his older brother Logan enjoyed Pappy’s company.

New BFFs!

The guys went off to see about gathering dinner so Jade and I settled in watching a really bad chick flick and chatting while Dominic planted himself in a chair with Pappy and just petted him.  He LOVES Pappy and wants a dog so badly but his parents aren’t sold on the idea.  It was just so cute to watch him just stare at Pappy and pet him, whispering to him: “Your fur is so soft!”  Adorable!
The boys came back with a boatload of food.  Everything to make burritos and then some.  I was still kinda full from lunch but when Rudy fired up the BBQ and I got a whiff of the carne asada I managed to choke down a burrito.  :-)
Around 7:30 all the food and excitement of the day caught up to us and my eyes started closing.  Rudy and Jade sent us packing with a 5 hour energy drink for Rob to keep him awake on the ride home.
Dominic had a hard time saying goodbye to Pappy and had to do it three separate times.  Adorable!

On Sunday I had big plans to go grocery shopping and get all kinds of ingredients so I could start my new project of making my own frozen dinners.
I woke up early and couldn’t get back to sleep despite being really tired from the big day prior.  The last thing I wanted to do was drag my butt into Mid Valley to the tiny Safeway let alone all the way into Carmel to the big Safeway that would actually have the ingredients I was looking for.
After perusing the pantry and fridge I made the executive(lazy) decision that I would wait one more week to start my project and just eat out of what we had on hand.  We had plenty of things, just not the stuff that I wanted to make.  We had lots of convenience foods like Lipton side noodles and rice packets.  Pasta and canned marinara.  We could make it through the week eating very generically.
A little while later I stumbled across this website where you can input all the ingredients that you have in your kitchen and it will spit out all the recipes you can make based on what you have already!  Brilliant!!!
So I was actually able to start my new project after all.
Of course most of the recipes were not low cal/low fat but any recipe can be slimmed down by just changing up the ingredients and/or substituting for the low fat version.
So yesterday I ended up whipping up three different meals that I then plated up and froze a partial amount of the portions.  All while Rob was napping.   I was pretty proud of myself.

So this morning started much like any morning.  I was a bit more tired than usual because we didn’t get out of the rehearsal for Old Ringers until like nine thirty or so, but I can deal with that.

Showered and felt a bit of a sensation in my right middle finger.  No, not just that I wanted to flip someone off!

If you follow me and my blog at all you will know that usually means trouble.  I have had it happen before and mean nothing, but most times it means that I am in big trouble.

I’m too lazy to actually look in my archives for this so let me just give you a BRIEF recap:

Ever since I was like 20 years old I get an infection in my finger that flairs up about once or twice a year.  I have been admitted to the hospital for it several times.  I have had it biopsied, flushed out and for all other purposes examined but no one can tell me how to stop it.

When I get it, it spreads very fast.  It goes from a spot on my finger to blood poisoning that travels up my arm in the span of hours.  If I can’t nip it in the bud I usually wind up on IV antibiotics in the hospital or urgent care, because I am that cool.


Anyhoo,  REALLY long story short, this morning, I called my doc who knew my history and she said she would call in my prescription for the antibiotic.

Three hours and FIVE phone calls later the prescription finally got called in and I was able to pick it up on my lunch hour.

The first dose is in me and I was able to lance it a little when I got home but really if the past is anything considering, I will have blood poisoning up to my wrist at the least when I wake up.

I’m so sick of this shit.

This was honestly the first time I was able to catch it at first *sense* so I hope that tomorrow will be better, but history tells me the blood poisoning will be up to my wrist when I wake up.


So after three solid weeks, my head/neck aches seemed to have hit the road.  Thank GOD!  I was really about to just say eff it and get a never ending prescription for Vicodin, lose my job and become a big drooling addicted mess.  Anything to make the pain go away.

As stupid as it sounds I blame most of the cause of the problem on the new car.  When we started commuting to that daily is when the pain started.   And it makes sense.  I made a joke about how I feel like a bobble head in that car because we are so low to the ground and you can feel every bump and dip in the road.  I think it was throwing my neck out of wack.

The week before last Rob had hell week for the burlesque show so I took the van all week…that was when the pain stopped.  Since then when we take the small car I just have been trying to retrain the way I sit to get the least amount of impact on my neck and it seems to be working.  Who knew?

I did however get my eyes checked as a result of the headaches and while he said my eyesight is pretty good he gave me a prescription for when I want to see really clearly.  I ordered a pair from but I won’t get them til Monday.

Being down with the pain did sideline my running for the three weeks and boy was that hard as hell to restart.  I’m back at it now but that first run back?  Holy hell I wanted to cry!  Did 3 miles last weekend and it felt great so I am back in the game for sure.  Which is good since we have a 5K on Sunday in PG.

I rejoined weight watchers last week.  I’ve been doing okay.   I haven’t been anal about everything I eat and that only resulted in a one pound loss this week but a loss is a loss.  Plus I am not driving myself crazy.  I have been loving finding all kinds of new recipes and rediscovering my love of cooking and baking.  I have also discovered Ziplist so I can keep all the new recipes I find in one place and can also access them from an app on my phone.  But this type of talk is for my other journal.

So yeah, disregard the comment on Weight Watchers while I tell you that I stopped for Thai food tonight.  Rob is doing the burlesque show tonight and he won’t be home til late.  On those rare occasions when I have the house to myself  on a Friday night, I’ve always had sort of a tradition of stopping at the Thai place down the street on the way home and picking up some nom noms to eat while watching TV shows I know the husband hates on the DVR.  Tonight it was a last minute decision and called when I was half way home(I used the hands free people, don’t judge me!)  The guy told me a half an hour and of course it only took me ten minutes to get there.  So I show up way before the dishes were done totally of my own fault and I got a free Thai iced tea out of the deal for my trouble.  I tried to pay him for it but he refused.  I love local small town businesses.  :-)

So what else?  Oh, I got a part in another play.  My biggest role yet so I’m pretty excited and nervous at the same time.  The play is called “Old Ringers” and it looks to be pretty darn funny.  We start rehearsing in April and go up in June.  It’s going to be fun to be on stage again.

I’m currently in the market for a new laptop.  I debated on going for a Mac but I can’t justify the cost.  I primarily use my computer for surfing the web, writing, editing websites and editing videos so if anyone has any suggestions please hit me up with them.

Okay, I guess that is all I got right now.  And I say that because Shilo is sitting next to me stomping her little paws, growling and staring at me because I am not playing with her.

Happy Friday!!!


I guess it has been going on two weeks now that I have been unable to shake a headache. It started with just a headache…like I was getting sick but the sickness never materialized. This week the headache progressed to a neck ache. A full on throbbing at the base of my skull radiating down through my neck. The only way I could describe it was that it felt like my head was too heavy for my neck.
When it started I thought that maybe my eyes were finally going bad on me because it usually worsened by the end of the work day when I’d been staring at the computer screen for 8 hours. It continued through the weekend though not as bad so I figured I was getting sick.
Now I’m chalking it up to a bad alignment in my neck. It makes sense because it gets bad when I tense up those muscles. Yesterday someone came up behind my cube and startled me and I was in agony.
It also throbbed after I did a very tiny jog down the hallway yesterday. And it was extremely painful after I was stressing over a phone call for a callback on my last audition.
I’ve been surviving my days with a heading pad around my neck and Advil kicks it back to a very mild annoying pain, but after two weeks of it I am getting a little crazy.
I now have new sympathy for those who suffer from chronic migraines. I can’t even imagine. I’ve cried at some point every day for the last three days and have been an absolute bitch, snapping at people for no reason.
I have an appointment with my chiropractor tonight after work so of course it feels better today.
The only thing that I have done different is I have my hair up in a ponytail currently…so that made me wonder if my hair is getting too heavy for my head. It is down to my waist now but it’s very thin so I dismissed that. What I am not doing as a result of my hair being up is tossing my head around to get the hair out of my face and off my shoulders which brings me back to the alignment.
I guess I’ll find out tonight.

I have to ask myself why I am so angry and unhappy all the time lately.
I have a very good life.  A loving husband who puts up with a lot of things most wouldn’t from me.  Two fantastic dogs that keep me giggling and a steady job that pays pretty good.
The bottom line is I have lost focus.  With no theater on the horizon I have become lazy about all other aspects of my life as well.  I need to have some structure in my life now or I will just become a big lump of depression on my couch and no one wants that.
The last month I have really been unfocused on diet and exercise.  Pretty much eating whatever I want and feeling like crap because of it.  I’ve been putting in the bare minimum when it came to exercise only because I had the 5K coming up this last weekend, otherwise I doubt I would have done anything.
I’ve barely done any cleaning around the house and have pretty much just played on the internet and watched movies all month long.
Yesterday it all came to a head.  While I know that I am PMSing there is no reason to blame it all on that.  I woke up with an attitude and didn’t realize it at the time and took out my anger on my husband who didn’t deserve it at all.  There was no reason for me to even be angry yesterday but I was.
I woke up this earlier than normal this morning and as I laid in bed thinking about what was really bothering me and I realized I’m missing a goal.
Since housework is the thing I’ve mostly been neglecting lately, that gets the first focus.  The purge is going to start this week.  I said I was going to do this after getting back from Mom’s house and seeing all the things she had accumulated but I never actually did it.  It is going to now.  I hang on to so much junk thinking I eventually have a use for it, or just out of pure laziness because I don’t want to deal with throwing/giving away things.  Not anymore.  There is going to be a full scale vomiting of my closet and anything I haven’t worn in a month is either being tossed or given away.  That also goes for my vanity drawers and the bathroom cupboards and drawers.  Don’t even get me started on the kitchen!
It’s a new year and time for a new start.  Out with the cobwebs and in the clean!
The diet is also back in full swing and so is my exercise.  Part of the reason I feel like such a slug is that I’m starting to look like one again.  I feel better when I look better so that is the goal.
Plus I might have a trip to New York on the horizon in April and who doesn’t want to look good for that?  :-)
It’s my life and I’m taking it back!

Time for my annual year in review!

We started off January with a bang participating in the 5K Resolution Run in Carmel.  Shilo tested our parenting skills by sucking on an advil and forcing us to take a trip to the doggie emergency room.  I celebrated five years at my current job.  I lost 13 pounds on a purification diet and had lots of fun rehearsing O Brother.

In February O Brother opened to rave reviews and sold out shows.  Rob and I did the Together With Love 5K in PG and rehearsals started on Clockwork where I discovered I am not cut out for stage managing, but manage to snag a role as Alex’s mom in the show.  Also, Shilo graduated from Puppy obedience classes.

March found us visiting our old stomping grounds in Arizona for a final renewal performance by Eating Divas.  The PT Cruiser died on me for the first(but not the last time) stranding me in Monterey late at night.  I learned that you really CAN count on family during a family crisis, be it family by blood or by marriage(looking at you Michaela).  I learned to knit for my part in Clockwork Orange and discovered I loved it and I dyed my hair a very dark brown.

In April, we discovered we were no longer able to rely on the PT, so for the first time in our lives we bought a brand new car.  I discovered the music of Adele and my life would never be the same.  Auditioned for The Rocky Horror Show.  Rob and I headed out for a two week trip to Maine to take clear out my mom’s old house.

May found us still in Maine where I was able to catch up with a lot of my friends from high school.  I jacked up my back pretty badly sleeping on the floor the night before we left Maine.  Back home,I suffered a mild depression at the lack of theater in my life and I also turned 37.

I got my theater fix back in June by putting make up on drag queens for the production of The Birdcage.  I attempted the Purification Program again but couldn’t stick to it like I did last time.  Despite my vow to never do another half marathon I found myself signing up for Vegas again.

In July Rob and I got hit with the stomach flu, we had The Birdcage cast party at Koly’s place and Rocky Horror rehearsals started.  Also I chopped off Rob’s hair in front of his entire company so he could donate it to Locks of Love.  I take a weekend by myself at the end of the month and get a hotel room to relax…that doesn’t end up happening when I put a big dent in our new van and worry about telling Rob the entire weekend.

I was saddened in August by the death of a good friend from high school.  My world was further rocked  by an emergency room trip with a very sick husband that was possibly one of the most scariest experiences of my life, thankfully he was fine.  Heather arrived in town making us all very happy and Rob and I celebrated 11 years of marriage.

September opened with being part of a parade in Marina to promote The Rocky Horror Show and Rob getting a gig playing the Monterey County Fair.  There was a rabid infestation of oak tree worms and the phrase “worm rape” was coined.  Rob and I had a blast at Jay’s Pirate party and then took a trip to Great America where more fun was had.  The Rocky Horror Show opens it’s seven week run.

In October I participated in my first ever Flash Mob to promote Rocky Horror and started my 3 week HCG diet with great success.   My back kept getting jacked up and I finally had to “learn” how to fall from Koly during the Time Warp number.  Shilo had her last baby tooth extracted but sadly, there is no tooth fairy for dogs.  The power went out at Paper Wing, but the show still went on, and Rocky Horror closed on Halloween with a bang.

November arrived and with it, the Rocky Horror Plague as way over half the cast and I got very sick with head/chest colds right after closing.  I updated my Iphone and lost all my apps and contacts.  Post theater depression loomed large with no upcoming projects on the horizon.

It was Viva Las Vegas in December when Rob, my bestie Paula and I traveled to Vegas for a fun vacation and my 2nd half marathon.  The trip was a near disaster when Rob’s glasses broke on the drive in but thankfully, it all worked out in the end.  Back home I floundered with no acting outlet but decided to try my hand at songwriting.

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